Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday

This would have been my mother's 83rd birthday. I miss her every day and cannot believe she has been gone for almost 4 years. If she were still alive, we would be talking politics, politics, politics. She would love all that is going on with both the D's and R's, as she referred to them. I'm sure the price of gas now would be appalling to her, also the increased cost of groceries and just about everything else. We would probably be on another diet together, comparing weight loss and recipes. I'm sure she would still like to shop, she was one of the best shoppers ever! We used to say if it had a plug she needed it for her kitchen. When buying clothes, she always bought the brightest colors and she wore them well. She would be so proud of the family, the grandsons(our 3 Marines) who served in Iraq, Africa, and now Afghanistan. The family has grown and there is another great-granddaughter(Emerald)and a new granddaughter(Janet)by marriage. We wish they could have known her and what a wonderful person she was. I wish she could see the rhodies and the lilacs in bloom this May, they are so lovely. This was her favorite time of year. At some future unkown date, we will all see her again. What a wonderful reunion it will be!


Emily W. said...

Thanks for posting a picture of the bird! Woot! Your post reminds me of my feelings for my grandpa. I miss him a lot, and he would also love to talk politics. I am so grateful we know that we will see our loved ones again.

Judie & George said...

This is a lovely tribute to your mother. It's good to remember the wonderful times you shared with her. There will be more!

Kelle-Irene said...

Hi. I am a friend of Dana's and on his blog he posted this entry on yours. It's great you have so many beautiful memories with your mom... may we all be as blessed!! If Dana is any indication of how your mother was I know she must of been wonderful.