Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Flood Watch

The mighty Puyallup River is expected to reach record flood levels today. Big logs have been seen floating down the usually calm river. In some places the river has merged with the road and this is in areas where there is not expected to be much flooding. We live on the hill, if the water gets to us the flood will be in biblical proportions. Our main problem is the septic system. The pump alarm went off at 6 a.m. We are not sure why, since we weren't using that part of the drain field. The backyard appears to be under an inch of water in some places, so probably the drainage fields are flooded. Perhaps this would be a good excuse not to do any laundry today. At least we are not in Spokane where they have 6 1/2 feet of snow on the ground and roofs are collapsing.
I was visiting with a friend yesterday who lives a few blocks from the river. I asked if she had flood insurance. She said they are not considered to be in the flood plain, although the rest of the subdivision is. We laughed over that, since the topography is flat, will the water automatically stop on the street before hers?

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Judie and George said...

A septic problem. Well that stinks! I am having a big, big code brown day here. The washing machine is working big time, and a flooded drain field might be just too much. I think not washing is a great idea, and maybe a movie and a treat as well.