Saturday, March 7, 2009

Update on dad

Dad won't be coming home on Monday. When I took him to the urologist on Thursday, the doc removed the catheter. Somehow dad managed to put out enough urine that the nurse and doctor were convinced he would be ok...Well, when I left him at the nursing home later that day, I told them to watch for any blockage or problems that might occur (perhaps they could have done an i/o check). Friday afternoon I got a call from his roommate's daughter telling me that dad is in a lot of pain and nobody is giving him any pain medication. She puts dad on the phone and he describes the pain for me. I call the nursing station who tell me that the doctor says the antibiotic will take care of the pain on "urination". That would be fine and dandy but that's not when the pain is occurring. I call the urologist and explain, rather bruskly I'm afraid, that dad is having spasms of pain. It turns out that he has a blockage and they had to put the catheter back in because his bladder was very distended. I thanked his roommate today for having his daughter save my dad's life.

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