Friday, October 10, 2008

It's been a wild week...

On Wednesday, I took Nathan to the surgeon, thinking that perhaps we would have a diagnosis. Still no idea what is causing the pain. The surgeon decided to give him two antibiotics to see if there might be an underlying infection causing the pain. I took Nathan home, fed him lunch, and gave him the first antibiotic. About an hour later he developed a severe headache. I gave him acetaminaphen rapid release, which didn't relieve the headache. After observing what looked like a focal-motor seizure, I called the paramedics. His blood pressure was way up, but came down after awhile. They decided not to transport. I had some stronger pain killers on hand prescribed for Nathan and gave one of those to him. The headache finally subsided several hours later and he felt better yesterday. I did not take him to the ER because our last trip was a 7 hour ordeal and I didn't think he'd tolerate the wait or the drive.
I spent yesterday on the phone with the surgeon's office and Nathan's neurologist. I think we have everything under control for the time being.
Thank you Edgewood fire department!

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Judie and George said...

Well, aren't we glad to have them on hand! I am sorry about Nathan. We are having adversity!