Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another week gone..

I cannot believe how fast this summer is going. I've got the jam all made from the delicious local berries. The garden is growing, but I don't think the pumpkins will weigh 500 pounds, or even 5 pounds, for that matter. We did have some radishes from the "square foot" garden. Somehow the peacock missed a few leaves, he loves to eat all the new green leaves in the garden, right down to the soil. He is such a pretty bird, but very messy and he has a huge appetite.
We are enjoying the sunshine, but have no plans to go anywhere this summer. I would like to go to the beach before summer is over.
Nathan and I watched the Spiderwick Chronicles on DVD yesterday, it is a little bit like The Chronicles of Narnia only not quite as complicated.


Judie and George said...

Ah, well. . . Tomorrow we can go for a walk and think about being somewhere else. Someday when we have time, we could walk in Tacoma by the water along north 30th, or to go even farther, there is a great walk along the west slope at Chambers Creek.

Emily A. W. said...

Yay for fresh jam! This is the first year I made jam with my parents and I am happy this local tradition keeps going despite the disappearance of all of the farms.

I hear Wild Thing likes lasers. I hope it wears him out so he isn't as wild afterward.