Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I can't believe it's Tuesday

Today was a very busy day. Nathan had a routine dentist appointment that lasted for 2 hours. Then I took him for a haircut and lunch at Subway. On the way home, he got sick, "code brown" for those in the know. The afternoon was spent cleaning him, the clothes, the wheelchair, the bed. He is resting now. Never a dull moment.


Judie & George said...

George and I both said, "Oh!" at the same time when we read this. We are so very sorry for your misfortune!

bearnjo.com said...

Ah hah! I snooped around in your blog until I discovered who you are. Your secret is out. The "Nathan" gave you away. I should have known you were the the "wild thing" blog. You are so funny! Now I know where to find you! You cannot hide for long!
Love, Jodie