Monday, March 10, 2008

Car Trouble

Well, the humans are not happy this morning. Larry's car wouldn't start, not even turn over, whatever that means. Larry was not having a good day anyway, so the car problem might just put him over the brink. He had to take mom's car to work. Luckily, mom had put gas in the car this weekend ($3.52 per gallon!). I'd better be extra good today!


Judie said...

This is a tragedy, as we all know. Just to cheer you up, Wild Thing has been added to my list of family and friends, and I hope you will add me to yours!

blackgata said...

Yes, I will be adding links to various blogs, etc. as soon as Wild Thing and I figure out how to do it!

Judie said...

That's half the fun. If I knew how to do it well enough to give directions, I would try, but I am afraid I might mess it up. I see you got Wild Thing's picture (with unnamed friend) to show when you post. That took me a while to figure out. You are more computer savvy than you let on! You have been holding out on us!