Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!

What a busy week! First there was St. Patrick's Day, then the first day of spring and on Sunday we have Easter...The Easter bunnies and the Irish leprechauns are both on display in the family room.

Wild Thing has been taking some time off from blogging, spring fever, I think.

We have nearly eaten our weight (which is considerable at this time) in chocolate Easter candy. Larry had his second cataract surgery today and is doing fine.
The doll in this picture is Daffodil Ginny and the picture was painted by my very talented and crafty friend, Belinda.


Judie said...

When you line up the holidays, it's pretty impressive. It's a feast or famine kind of year. We'll get it all done and then, nothing. I think I like having them spaced out better. Sure enjoyed being at Freddie's this morning. It was like amazing to be in a store, almost too much to look at! I obviously need to get out more!

Judie said...

Go to Siri's blog and you can get a connection to Ashley's carebridge page.