Sunday, March 16, 2008

Preparing for next week's lesson...

Wild Thing has agreed to let me(mom) blog today.

Next Sunday I will have the privilege of teaching a lesson to the Young Women about the Atonement. I have spent several weeks preparing for this and have read many informative articles in the Ensign about this important event. As Easter Sunday approaches, it has been personally enlightening to read about Jesus' glorious Atonement and to remember that it is the central act in all of human history! I pray that we may all take some time this week to ponder and study about the Atonement and how we can apply its power in our everyday lives. The March, 2008, Ensign, is a good place to start reading. Have a wonderful week!

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Judie said...

Today when we had our lesson on repentance, I thought about this being the week before Easter. It crept up on us. It is such an important day for us as Christians. Our lesson started with the thought that repentance isn't why we are forgiven; the atonement is the reason why. Even when we repent, the pivotal event is still the atonement. I thought it was worth thinking about. We all know that, but it puts repentance into perspective. I will be in your ward for Easter.