Sunday, April 20, 2008

88 isn't it great?!

Grandpa K. turned 88 today. We celebrated yesterday with KFC, "darn good chocolate cake" and ice cream. A merry time was had by all, we were done in about an hour, and resumed our nightly tv viewing. We are quite the party people! Grandpa has 2 older brothers, both in their 90's, so we expect him to be with us a while longer. He is still the same sports fanatic he always was and can tell you the names of all the baseball players, what teams they play for, and how they are doing this season. He played on church baseball teams into his 60's.

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Judie said...

Sounds good, and a good time was had by all at our house as well. Come and see our party. We were a birthday success, which is a nice change, since Grandma doesn't always like what we do. She had a wonderful day. I still think it's too bad these two couldn't be more social, together, since they share a birthday. Oh well, some things are not meant to be.