Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Birds

This morning on our walk by the river I saw a beautiful American goldfinch. The yellow and black feathers are so colorful. I like spring because the birds are so abundant. On the way home, from the car, we observed a bald eagle soaring overhead. What a majestic sight! Yesterday I saw a pileated woodpecker, it was huge! Living in an area surround by douglas fir and cedar trees provides opportunities to see a variety of birds. We also have a non-native peacock (Karl) who roosts in the upper branches of the fir trees. Other birds seen in our yard this week include a varied thrush, several rufous sided towhees, a Steller's jay, robins, chickadees, and some starlings. I think I have always liked to observe and identify birds. I have my Peterson Field Guide to Western Birds on hand and binoculars.


Emily said...

I love it when the birds return! We were down at the Nisqually flats and saw a bunch of beautiful finchs that had bright blue on their backs. My guess is they were headed to the South American continent. So beauitful!

Judie said...

I feel cheated! You're going to have to mention these sightings when we are walking together!