Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Grandma visits the brain doctor..

Grandma C. has been having a few (well, ok, a lot) of memory problems lately. After a visit to one of her doctors last week, he suggested a visit to the neurologist for an evaluation. Yesterday, according to Grandma, she visited the brain doctor. When asked why, she replied, "so he can tell if I have any brains!" She was having a very good day memory wise yesterday and came through with flying colors. We are amazed!! She could even do the math question in her head, which was to start at 100 and subtract 7 each time. Can you do that? When asked why she came to the doctor's visit in a wheelchair, she replied, "because my son likes to push me in it!" In two weeks she has a CT scan just to be sure that there is no tumor or anything else going on.

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Judie said...

This is very interesting and amazing all at once!