Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Fever

Today was a beautiful spring day. The temperature reached 75 degrees according to our backyard thermometer. My "big" project for this afternoon was cleaning the moss off my clay flower pots. I want to start planting, but we sometimes have frosty mornings until May. So, my rule of thumb is to plant on Mother's Day weekend. This is going to be the year that I plant my giant pumpkin seeds that I bought at the fair 2 years ago. I couldn't find them last year, but have since found the "safe" place where I had put them. I'm also going to do "square foot" gardening again this year. The benefits of this type of gardening are little watering, no weeding, and no digging or rototilling. For more information check out the following website:


Emily said...

It was a beautiful day yesterday! We went to the Daffodil parade and got sunburned.

I am happy that you get to start gardening soon. I really can't wait until we have a yard that I can work in and plant a garden. I hope you have many blooms and yummies to eat.

Judie said...

Thia looks interesting. If I get a burst of energy, I might try this.