Monday, June 16, 2008

The emission control light

Since we bought our KIA Sedona conversion van, we have had a continuing problem with the emission control light coming on. It first came on when we only had 40 miles on the odometer. Because the van has been converted, the KIA dealership has not wanted to work on it. Even though the conversion was approved by them through the company that did the conversion. They have done several repairs to fix the emission problem, but it never stays fixed. Then we started dealing directly with the company that sold us the conversion van. They have made several attempts at a permanent fix also. Now the van is no longer under the "conversion warranty" and the emission control light is on again. This van still has less than 10,000 miles on it, so I am requesting that they(the conversion place) fix the problem without charging me. Am I going to have to call Jesse Jones on KING 5? Stay tuned!

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Emily A. W. said...

My grandma has had similar problems with lights coming on in her car dashboard. Once she realizes the lights are flukes of the computer, she puts black tap on the dash window so she can't seem them anymore.

I wouldn't recommend that strategy, but it sure is weird that car companies can't figure out how to control the computer in their own cars.