Sunday, June 22, 2008

The natives were restless today..

The little ones at church were restless today. We had several escapees who made it up the aisles to the podium. One little sweetheart danced during the piano solo. Several harried parents carried screamers out to the hallway. There was lots of coloring going on across the aisle from us, mixed with cheerios being tossed here and there. I'm glad those things are now the domain of the young moms and dads and I can just sit back and smile at how cute the kids are.


Judie & George said...

Sounds like a lively day at church. Isn't nice of them to provide comic relief! I know I have a difficult time sitting still for that long.

Emily A. W. said...

I was out in the hall during your sacrament meeting and saw the commotion. I was happy to meet a young mother who had a little girl not much older than my little man. They got acquainted, much to his delight.

I am glad you are among the ranks of people who get to sit and smile as those of us carry our fussy children out. Its always nice to get a smile.